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Welcome Welcome to the Persian Language Learning Center! I'm developing this page for all of those struggling to learn, improve or maintain their Persian Language skills. I'm an American woman married to an Iranian who has been struggling to learn this language for the last 18 years. In addition to learning a little more myself, I'm hoping to make this process a little easier for other people interested in learning this beautiful language.

One of the greatest difficulties that I had when I began learning Persian, was the difficulty of finding good Persian language resources. Books on this subject were not at all easy to find. In attempt to make finding good Persian text books a little easier, I am offering them for sale right here. The Arizona Persian Page in association with Amazon.com is offering a list of Persian books for sale. Each book listed will include a link to the purchase page at the amazon.com site which will allow you to use a secure server to purchase the book on line. The list of books in the Arizona Persian Book Store includes:

Dictionaries, Learning Persian, Children's' Books and now also has Arizona and General categories.

If you have any books at all that you would like to have me add to this list, please use the ADD form provided, or  e-mail information about the book to roya@arizonapersian.com. I will add the book to the list.

Words My plan is to a saying each week - Each of the words in the saying will be translated - I'm hoping to have an average of one-word-per day.  So, if you know no Persian at all now and check my site everyday you will learn 300 words by this time next year :o) - Pay attention to the words! Each saying also has a quiz.
Quizzes For each saying, I will create a quiz covering the vocabulary and the meaning of the saying, itself.

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