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Thesis on tourism in Iran

Thank You

From: Samoli
Date: 22 Sep 2007
Time: 15:06:07
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Thank you

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Date: 31 Aug 2007
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From: Los Angeles
Date: 18 Jun 2007
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From: Doctus
Date: 16 May 2007
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From: jakce
Date: 12 Apr 2006
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Re: Summer 2000 in Iran

From: ourinfo
Date: 19 Aug 2005
Time: 10:21:18
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From: Cindy
Date: 20 Feb 2001
Time: 11:56:26
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Hello! I'm a student from the Netherlands and I'm writing my thesis about tourism in Iran. If you have been to Iran or are planning to go I would like to ask you some questions. I'm especially interested in the qualitative aspects of your trip, thanks a lot! Cindy

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