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Re: Tours to Persia

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From: Persian of OZ
Date: 13 Feb 2001
Time: 03:59:11
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To be honest, and without being rude, I cannot understand what you are trying to convey here.

Nevertheless, I think you are saying we Iranians have always known our land as Iran, whereas the rest of the world known it as Persia. If that's the case, and if the original enquirer of this thread has the same intention, I still stand by my message, that Iran is not Persia. I could go on and on why the rest of the world chose to accept a Greek version for our country's name, and yet fully ignored what we have always called ourselves, ie "Iran" , "Iranzamin" or "Iranshahr".

It may sound "nostalgic" to call it Persia. Iran may be more easily recognisable if it were called Persia. It may be more convenient for the older foreigners to call it Persia. But, frankly, is it right?

I may be too pedantic here, but I think my thoughts are really justified.

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