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Organizing Adventure tour to Iran

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From: Parichehr (
Date: 05 Feb 2001
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We're two university students and we've organized a two-week all-inclusive, adventure tour to Iran. (We're going hiking, boating, caving and more.) The price including roundtrip airfare from New York, hotels, food, and domestic transportation is 1400.00) If you are interested for more details look below) We've worked really hard to get this unbeatable price.

I wish to extend to you an invitation to travel with us through one of the greatest ancient civilizations of the world. I have spent months organizing this tour in conjunction with Dal Tours in Tehran, and I believe we have come up with a truly exhilarating expedition of sightseeing and activities. This summer all the stories you have heard about the enormous palaces, the beautiful nature, water caves and mountains, world mark historical sites such as the Perspolis and 40 Sotoon, will no longer be stories, but a seen reality. In a two-week tour, we will explore Iran north to south, its art and architectural glory, from the shah’s palaces to the ancient mosques and temples. We will go mountain climbing in the majestic mountains, boating on a lagoon, and caving in the world’s longest water cave in Hamedan. We will also view the most beautiful scenery in the world in the Caspian Sea north of Iran. We will spend time in all the major cities: Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and experience each city’s night life, visit the shopping districts, and get a taste for Persian cuisine, notably the best food on earth! (For the complete itinerary, please scroll down). Best of all, we are all college students!!

The cost for this trip is absolutely unbeatable, $1400 total. This is $840 for the round trip flight to and from NY; $520 for the tour in Iran; $40 tax. This includes complete transportation, five star hotels and accommodations, excursions and activities, as well as meals for the entire duration of the trip!

For your convenience we have planned two trips at different times of the summer; May 23 and June 25.

We fly with KLM from NY to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to Iran with Iran Air. All flights within Iran are accommodated by Iran Air. If you are NOT in NY, we have connections with Airlines and can help you find inexpensive flights to NY. If you wish to take the tour with us, but would like to stay in Iran after the tour is over to visit family, do more sightseeing, etc, your flight back can be arranged to the date you wish to return for no extra charge. We are very flexible.

Who Can Come? If you are Iranian with an Iranian Passport, you are eligible to come. (Individuals with non-Iranian passports can come, although it will cost them more than the $520 for the tour in Iran.)

Who Are We? My name is Parichehr. I will be your tour guide. I am a sophomore college student at Rutgers University in NJ. It has been my life long dream to take young and eager Iranians living in America on a tour to Iran, one that goes beyond mehmoonis and social events to actual activities that take advantage of everything Iran has to offer. I finally came across an opportunity to organize such a tour in conjunction with DAL TOURS in Tehran. My friend Hanieh is also a student, at NYU. We will do our best to answer your questions, accommodate you during the tour, and make sure you have a breath taking adventurous and exciting trip to your home country.

To Contact Us: Please do not hesitate to ask your questions, Email us at Please visit our website at:

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