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Summer 2000 in Iran

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Date: 13 Jun 2000
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Dear Sir/Madam,

JTG -Jahangostar Tours Group- as one of the leading tour operators in Iran, has planned a 12 days package for this Summer with special price of 1590 US$ includes discount for groups more than 10 persons, namely "Sunlight of Persia". "Sunlight of Persia" starts every Sunday from June 25 to Sep. 17, 2000. In this package we have gathered "Historical", "Natural" and "Tribal" beauties of Persia together.

JTG's high experienced management and consultants will arrange your excursion from the highest snow-covered peaks of Elburz to the lowest flats of Kavir desert, from the nested forests to the sunlight of Caspian coach -the largest lake in the world-, from the large cities in 20 Th. century to the large cities of thousands years ago (Persepolis). So rely on our experience and perfect planning, for a pleasant vacation in Persia.

Sincerely Yours,

Ali Nadi

V/P Incoming Director


Cities included in "Sunlight of Persia": Tehran and Damavand, 2 days. Isfahan 1 day. Shiraz 2 days. Caspian coach 3 days. Tabriz 2 days. Hamedan 2 days. Tour's Services: Visa Insurance Transfers -Airport/Hotel, Overland, Domestic Flight- Hotel Reservation Meals -Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner- Bi-lingual Tour leader Entrance Fees Shopping Consultant

Experience another way of life in Iran,

Land of culture, wonders & hospitality.

Jahangostar Tours Group

11, Delara, Vali-e-Asr, Tehran, P.C.15969, IRAN

Tel: +9821 8722001/2

Fax: +9821 8715001

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From: shouji
Date: 12 Aug 2005
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