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Re: Join SUMKA Party

Date: 02 Jun 2002
Time: 04:23:26
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Fellow Aryan Compatriots The SUMKĀ (NATIONAL SOCIALIST IRANIAN WORKERS PARTY) is a political-educational party dedicated to the preservation of the Iranian peoples, and our Aryan cultural heritage and Civilization. As the world enemy wages war against the Iranian peoples and our ancient Civilization in every corner of the world, we have found that the ONLY WAY to shock our people awake is through BOLD ACTION. Too many others would rather try to TALK the problem away, while we realize that the time has come to FIGHT! Only the DRAFSH-e KĀVIĀNI, the AGE OLD SYMBOL OF IRANIAN RESIDENCE against evil forces, has the SHOCK-POWER to shatter the Aniranians and force Iranians to THINK ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON. Here at SUMKĀ, we are gathering the best and most ACTIVE of our fighters for the Iranian Peoples, men and women who realize that this is not a game or a club, rather a DEADLY FIGHT for the struggle of our way of life, the SCHOOL IRANIANISM. Persons who would like to join us in this all-out fight for the survival of our Race and Nation may fill out our OFFICIAL SUPPORTER form. To qualify you must be a member of Iranian Family and willing to obey the principals of the SUMKĀ party. Those who join the GUARD-E JĀVIDĀN (The Immortal Guard) are expected to send in an ACTIVITY REPORT each month showing what they have done in the cause of the victory. The SUMKĀ party wish to attract only those Iranians who are willing to fight and sacrifice for something greater and more meaningful than themselves...our BELOVED IRAN and IRANIAN PEOPLES.

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Good site

From: Washington
Date: 23 Sep 2006
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