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A brief introduction to the Iranian Chat room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some general information on using this chat room.

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This page has been set up to provide a friendly, public chat room where you can chat with Iranians and those interested in Iran everywhere.

If you would like to use this chat room for your site and have your banner added to this page, and to the favorite sites list, see for instructions.

The site is not monitored - But, RoyaAZ, (pronounced Roya AZiz AZ AriZona) becomes the "ban first ask questions later" Chat Sheriff when necessary. Ban requests (and un-ban requests) should be sent to .



Linking Sites

Arizona Persian Page The Arizona Persian Page - Home of the (way too humble) creator of the chat room.  The object of this site is to provide information for families living in or visiting Arizona who have an interest in Persian culture or language.
The Iranian - The link to the chat is hidden, but still there. The largest Iranian news magazine on the Net.  One of the first and most visited Iranian sites.  Includes daily news updates, satire, art features and much more.

Community of Iranian Soccer Fans

Community of Iranian Soccer Fans is provided for all Iranian soccer lovers who want to get the latest news about the Iranian team. This page is also an excellent place to exchange ideas about soccer and IRAN.
Pourya's personal site! Poerya's Page - Too many features to mention here - you will just have to click on his link and see for yourself.
ParsNet ParaNet - A feature-filled site designed by Parsnet Internet services.  Features include lots of downloadable Persian music.
Iranian Site for Iranian People  (ISIP) - Includes Persian jokes, poetry as well as Persian Media links and web master resources.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've listed answers to questions that I've received so far about the chat - If you have anything you would like to add here send me an e-mail at  and I will add it.

Why don't you provide a private chat the way so many other sites do? This chat room is set up as a public chat room - It is set up so that people can get a chance to chat publicly with Iranians everywhere. There are already enough chat rooms  for private conversations - For a list of such chat rooms see the web guide at
Why can't I see any conversation when I first enter the chat? When you first bring up the page, an advertising page appears. That page and other small advertising spots in the chat allow us to provide this chat as a free service.
Can I chat using Persian Characters? Yes, you can - You can use Persian characters if you have the ability to read and write using the NetNative fonts. You can get the NetNative font from Net Native Font 1.0. After registering, downloading, and setting up the font as your default variable width font in your browser, you can use, the Persian HTML Writer   to create text in Persian to be copied into the chat.
I can't access the chat room! If the entire chat page (all three lower frames) is replaced by a page not found screen, the server could be down.

If it is replaced by a messages that says that RoyaAZ has banned you, you have been banned. This can happen in a number of ways:

  • Roya banned you. Roya has a reputation for being the "ban first, ask questions later" chat sheriff.   It is very easy to get banned by Roya. Roya will ban you for the same reasons that beset might ban you. If you suspect that Roya banned you, and you would like to get 'unbanned' send e-mail to She is usually also pretty good about unbanning.  Roya may ban you for such things as:
  • Trying to anger people into leaving the chat room.
  • Posting nudie pictures. There are other sites where people can find such things. Many of the people that visit find this offensive.
  • Threatening or otherwise harassing other chatters.
  • Posting repetitive messages.
  • Typing all messages in ALL CAPS (this is for SCREAMING - using it all the time destroys the meaning) 

NOTE - It is also possible to get banned accidentally. When someone that has been banned has an IP address that changes, it is possible that your access to the room was cut off because someone using your provider in your neighborhood was banned. If you think this happened to you, just send an e-mail to -

BTW - Roya is a politically challenged American and has absolutely NO political opinions (well not that we admit to :O) - Since she doesn't understand politics, she will not ban you for simply expressing your political opinions. However, chat at your own risk. Be aware that ANYONE can be lurking in the background.

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